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4 Ways of Protecting Your Car Engine Proactively


4 Ways of Protecting Your Car Engine Proactively


Proactive engine care is one of the best ways you are guaranteed of long car life. The engine is the heart of your car. Sadly, most of us just jump in our cars and off we go. The only time that we realize that we neglected our car is when they break down, or the engine starts acting up.

Instead of going through the hassles that come with a dead or malfunctioning engine, here are a few proactive engine care tips.


Change the oil regularly (ideally after every 5,000 miles)

If the engine is the heart of your car, then engine oil is the blood that keeps it pumping. Oil is a critical part of car maintenance. The engine relies on a variety of moving parts and the oil lubricates them and keeps them from wearing prematurely. If the oil stays for too long without changing it, it can cause irreparable engine damage while lack of it will render your car inoperable.


Check the cooling system

The radiator, water pump, coolant, and thermostat (gauges temperature to determine when the engine needs cooling) are crucial to keeping the engine at the right temperature. Always ensure that you top up the radiator fluid (coolant) as recommended for optimal circulation in the engine.


Inspect your filter

The aim of the filter in the first place is to keep the air getting into the engine clean. If your filter is dirty or clogged up, chances are that it will fail at trapping all the debris, bugs and leaves that find their way into the engine compartment, which ends up choking your engine. Makes sure to regularly check your filter and have it changed when necessary.


Ensure the belts are on

The engine has belts that run the fans, air conditioner, alternator and water pump. Some of these are vital mechanisms whose failure may leave your car grounded, so it pays to have them checked.

There are some other ways, including some here that may be too much for you to handle. If you are in San Antonio and its surrounding, you are welcome to come by miracle body and auto shop for that quick checkup and servicing or any other automotive work.