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5 Critical Things You Need To Do First If You Are In a Car Accident

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Two Drivers assessing damage after an auto collision

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But we just don’t stop there! We care for you, your health, and your wellbeing. Today, we give you:


Tips on the most important things you need to do first if you are in a car accident

  • Check on anyone involved and make sure they are safe. This includes passengers and drivers in all involved vehicles as well as pedestrians if any. If there are no serious injuries, get to safety and avoid the risk of being run over, or getting into a secondary accident. Turn off your engine, put the car in parking mode, and pull the emergency brake to keep your car stationary.


  • If the damage to property is minimal and there are no bodily injuries, you can opt to call the police or not. However, if there is extensive property damage or serious harm to anybody involved, you must call the police. Remember to never leave an accident scene without the authorities assessing it.


  • Exchange information. License and registration, drivers’ names and addresses, as well as insurance information, is essential. Make sure you get a comprehensive record of all. Take pictures if you can and document the accident in any way possible. Also, get the information of any passengers and witnesses in case you need their testimonies later.


  • Inform your insurance provider. It is critical that you inform your insurance provider as soon as you are in a position to after an auto accident. Be as truthful as possible as it makes the difference between been compensated and not.


Our fifth tip…………..

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