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Top Reasons Why Cars Break Down

Top Reasons For Car Breakdown Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Miracle Body and Paint lists down three most common causes of roadside breakdowns, what to do when they happen, and how to prevent them.

  • A Dead Battery – Battery don’t automatically die while you’re driving. However, you can get stranded as you try to turn it on while you’re in an unfamiliar parking lot. It’s quite easy to recognize a dead battery. When your battery’s dead, you’ll hear a “clicking sound” as you turn the key. You’ll need a jump start from a friendly neighbor to bring it back to life. Always keep a spare set of jumper cables in your trunk for such events.
  • A Flat Tire – Don’t panic if your hear your tire blow while you’re driving. Keep the wheel steady and slowly make your way to the side of the road. Make sure to pull over to the shoulder and not the median. A tire change should be in order if your wheel is indeed busted.  If you’re along a busy road, call a tow truck. It is better  to go a few hours out of the way than to be involved in an auto accident while you’re at it. You can change the tire yourself if you’re in a safe area and your car contains a jack and a spare tire.
  • An Overheating Engine – Make sure to always check your car’s temperature, especially during summer. It will inform you of the status of your cooling system and if its near overheating. Immediately pull over if your car does overheat. Turn off your AC and turn on the heat to pull hot air away from your engine. Turn the car off, pop the hood and wait for 30 minutes if there is steam. Once it cools down, check the radiator for coolant that is in a clear plastic container near the radiator. If your tank is empty, there may be  a leak.