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How to Avoid Costly Repairs with Maintenance

How To Avoid Costly Repairs With Maintenance Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Miracle Body and Paint believes that preventing something is better than curing it.  Here are the five most important maintenance services that will keep your car running longer and help you avoid major auto repair:

  • Fluid Check – Engine fluids are there to lubricate your car’s moving parts and help minimise friction effects. Because of this very important function, you need to make sure this  is not contaminated and is performing at a good level. Miracle Body and Paint suggest an oil change once every 3,000 – 6,000 miles, depending on the type of oil you are using.
  • Tire Rotation – Many manufacturers recommend a rotation every 7,000 miles. However, it really depends on your car’s tire quality, vehicle weight, and driving conditions you usually drive on.
  • Belts and Hoses Check – our engine can operate more efficiently by keeping your belts strong and healthy. Always have your technician check it for any cracks, fraying, and exposed threads.
  • Filters – Your must consider the two filters in your car: the cabin filter and the engine filter. These two air filters are responsible for keeping the air running through your engine and the passenger cab clean and contaminant-free. To prevent dirt and debris from clogging important engine functions, check your owners manual on how often you should change them. To save you time, request a filter check with every oil change.
  • Battery – Old batteries lose their capacity to hold charge. Begin performing battery charge tests when the battery hits the 3-year mark. It’s also important to make sure the battery stays clean and corrosion-free. If you do notice buildup on the contacts, simply scrub with a battery cleaning brush to avoid further damage.