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A Body Shops Tips on Getting Rid of Smell in Your Car

Have you ever experienced an incredibly pungent smell in your car that, however much you try to clean it, nothing changes? Maybe you take great pride in the pristine condition of your car, but the annoying smell is taking the joy out of what could have been an otherwise superior driving experience.

No one would want a smelly and disgusting car, and that’s why Miracle Body and Paint, the leading autoBody shop in San Antonio, is offering handy tips to eliminate the odor.

Need to Eliminate Smell Out of Your Vehicle? Here’s the Plan.

It goes without saying that to successfully get rid of any unwanted smell, the first step is to establish the origin. On that note, let’s delve deeper in various reasons why bad odors may develop in your vehicle:

Sources of Unusual Smells in Your Vehicle

Malfunctioning Catalytic Converter: In case your vehicle’s catalytic converter stops running or malfunctions, the result is a pungent rotten egg odor.

Faulty Air Conditioner: Usually, moisture accumulates in your vehicle’s cold air-conditioning evaporator. As time passed, the result is mildew, mold, and to cap it all, a disgusting musty smell.

Electrical Problems: In the event of overheating electrical components and short-circuiting, there can be a smell similar to that of burnt toast.

Brake Pad Damage: If you unintentionally drive your car with the handbrake on, or in case the brake pads are overheating, you will most likely smell a burnt-carpet odor permeating throughout the car.

Clutch Problems: When you are used to stepping on the clutch frequently while driving, this can lead to considerable friction. It can also produce heat that burns the paper-based facings of the clutch, and the result is a burnt paper odor.

Miracle Body and Paint are Experts in Eliminating Smells in Your Vehicle

As far as getting rid of the smell in your car is concerned, it is advisable to exercise caution. Any odd smell in the vehicle usually indicates that the vehicle might have an underlying issue.

Keep in mind that there are no quick fixes to deal with the strange smells, and even the most effective vehicle odor eliminator may not rectify the problems affecting the vehicle’s engine or other areas.

As such, taking your car to automotive experts would be your best bet as you are assured of proven help. As the most trusted auto body shop in San Antonio, Miracle Body and Paint boasts an array of auto specialists who will evaluate your car, offer superior diagnosis, and provide a solution. Most importantly, our experts will offer valuable tips that will ensure that your vehicle maintains a fantastic smell every day.