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Tips To Keep Your Vehicle COVID-19 Free

Covid-19 absolutely changed the way we look at life, and even normal actions like driving have been affected. After months of restrictions, closed businesses, and lockdowns, life is gradually going back to normal. However, the worst mistake we can make is letting our guard down since coronavirus is still with us and is an ever-present danger. As the most preferred auto collision center in San Antonio, Miracle Body and Paint cares for your welfare and has come up with tips to keep your car free from COVID-19.

General Cleaning

While the general cleaning of our cars has always been a regular part of our lifestyles, it should be a crucial habit now more than ever. Assemble a kit with disinfectant spray or wipes, plus a microfoam cloth or anything that can be used to wipe down surfaces. To be on the safe side, use disinfecting wipes since they can be disposed of once they are used as compared to reusing them.

Remember the Dashboard

By now, you know that viruses can linger on metal and plastic surfaces from a few days to a couple of months. Therefore, it is vital to clean the dash meticulously, plus the various buttons and knobs. If you share the vehicle with family or friends, this is exceptionally crucial.

Train Your Kids

Kids should be given simple rules to follow every time they enter the car. For instance, sanitizing their hands should be non-negotiable and should be turned into a habit. As parents, we know very well that kids are perfect at copying what adults do, so we should lead by example, and they’ll fall in line.

Extra Passengers

You may be following all the essential rules to keep safe, but if you have to share your car with other people, taking extra precautions is highly recommended. Make sure that you always wear a mask when riding with others. Also, ensure that everyone riding with you uses hand sanitizers for additional protection.

Another helpful tip is always to keep the windows open when carrying extra passengers. The best thing is that Texas weather is not that cold, and you can keep the windows down without feeling uncomfortable. Why is this vital? In a closed vehicle, build-up and concentration of the virus are easy, but with open windows, there is ample air circulation that naturally recycles the air.

Miracle Body and Paint Quality Services

During these tough and unprecedented times, Miracle Body and Paint, your most professional auto body shop in San Antonio, still remains your best choice. We understand the fear and concern that COVID-19 has unleashed on people, and we have put in place measures to ensure that you are protected when you visit our shop. Our assurance is that regardless of the hard times, we will continue providing exceptional auto and collision services.