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A Guide on Cost Estimates

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Car parts and components eventually become damaged as a result of wear and tear. They also have to be repaired or replaced after being damaged in an (auto accident). So, a visit to a (collision center) for car repair is inevitable.

Labor charges for a repair or replacement job at a (body shop) varies from one repair shop to another, as stated on consumer.ftc.gov, the website of the Federal Trade Commission. There are (paint and body shop)s that offer a flat rate for labor on car repairs. The published rate is based on the estimated time it takes to complete a repair job. Other shops may charge on the basis of the actual time it takes to finish a repair job.

What is Included in a Cost Estimate?

A cost estimate for a car repair job should have details like the condition to be repaired, necessary replacement parts and the anticipated labor charge. Remember to get a signed copy of the cost estimate. A cost estimate should also state that the repair shop will ask the customer’s approval before doing any work. It should also state that the repair shop will ask the customer’s approval before doing any work after a specified amount of time or money has been reached.

Auto Estimate for Auto Body Repair San Antonio Texas
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Parts Classification

Parts that are to be repaired or replaced are classified into three: new; remanufactured, rebuilt and reconditioned; and salvage. These terms    can be encountered when getting a car repaired.

  • New – A new car part is either made by the car manufacturer or an independent company. They are made to original manufacturer’s specifications. The price and quality of a new car part vary.
  • Remanufactured, Rebuilt and Reconditioned – The terms have the same meaning, which is a part that has been restored to a good working condition. A manufacturer may provide a warrant for a replacement part, but not the labor to install it.
  • Salvage – A part that is taken from another car without alteration is called a salvage part. A salvage part is sometimes needed because there is no other replacement part to be had.

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