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Must-Know Texas Bumper Repair Requirements

Because a car accident is likely to happen at any time, a car is built to protect itself and its occupants. One car part that is used for protection is the bumper. A car’s bumper is designed to withstand a front-end or rear-end impact, absorbing the energy that the impact creates. The bumper receives the energy of an impact, so it is important that a car has an effective bumper. The state of Texas has requirements to meet bumper standards, as discussed on Knowing the requirements allows a buyer to make an informed decision in (collision repair) and parts replacement.

The Basics of Bumper Requirements

dented rear bumper needs collision repair
car has dented rear bumper damaged after accident

Texas’ vehicle requirements do not directly address bumpers and bumper specifications. However, there are requirements that are indirectly attached to the specifications. In addition, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has laid out requirements for standards for passenger car that some vehicles in Texas have to meet. The requirements ensure installation of bumpers in cars and durability of the installation.

As required by NHTSA, all passenger cars sold in Texas and anywhere in the United States must be able to withstand an impact of 2.5 mph both on the front and on the rear parts of the car and 1.5 mph on its corners. The rating mentioned is the same as hitting a parked car of the same mass at 5 mph. It is also a requirement for bumpers to protect both front and rear sections of the car from 16 to 20 inches off the ground.

Reflectors and a License Plate Lamp

The requirements for reflectors by Texas motor vehicle inspectors are as follows:

  • A minimum of two red reflectors
  • Reflectors must still be visible 350 feet away when illuminated by head lamps
  • Reflectors may be mounted on/in the rear bumper or independently attached to the vehicle

A license plate lamp is necessary if there is a license plate that is mounted on the rear bumper, as mandated by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The purpose of having the license plate lamp is for it to illuminate the license plate when the operating lights of the vehicle are turned on.

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