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A Paint and Body Shop That is More than Just Affordable

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In San Antonio, there are hundreds of Auto Paint and Body Shops that claim to be affordable. Many claim to do what we pioneered by giving a deductible discount. But the main difference between those body shops and Miracle Body and Paint is that we give you a discount, but aren’t a discount shop.

Everything we do is done to the highest standards of quality and customer service. We have a vested interest in making sure your vehicle is repaired correctly because Miracle Body and Paint is privately owned and Manuel Rubio personally checks every vehicle at multiple points in the auto body repair process. This allows us to work more efficiently on your vehicle while making fewer mistakes. We promise that your experience at Miracle will be better than any experience you may have had at another Paint and Body Shop.
Affordability is only half of what makes us so great. We discount deductibles and offer deductible rebates to customers so that you experience the benefits other auto body shops give to the insurance companies. At Miracle Body and Paint you are the customer and we will treat you and your car like you are the most important customer of all.