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Tips to Protect Your Car in Winter

Tire Inspection for Winter Weather

Wet roads, frost, and hail are some of the things that make driving in winter dangerous. The harsh condition in itself can damage parts of your car. But don’t worry, Miracle Body and Paint offers solutions to protect your car during winter and prevent an auto accident from happening.

Inspect Your Tires

You should make sure your tires have enough tread if you don’t want your car skidding on a wet road. If the tread count of your tires falls below three millimeters, it is time to replace them. You can choose to replace your existing tires with winter tires. Winter tires are more expensive but they provide excellent traction. They are a reasonable purchase if you don’t want your car lined up for auto body repair at a collision center in San Antonio.

Use Anti-Freeze and De-Icer

Using a coolant with antifreeze prevent corrosion and keeps metals from cracking. A can of de-icer helps thaw a car that has frozen over.

Check Your Windscreens and Wipers

It is important to clearly see the road ahead while driving, which can be difficult in winter. If your wipers are already leaving smears, it is time for a replacement. You also need to keep your windscreens clean because they get dirtier in winter. You can use screenwash instead of plain water to better remove stubborn dirt.

Prepare Your Car for Winter with Miracle Body and Paint

You know winter is just not the right time for your car to stop working, as you have many things to do and places to go. To better prepare your car for winter, you can drive it to Miracle Body and Repair for check-up and maintenance. The well-trained technicians at this San Antonio body shop will provide you with an honest and accurate assessment of the condition of your car. Any auto body repair will be disclosed in the written cost estimate, which also contains parts price, labor fees, and repair method. If we can repair a heavily damaged car due to an auto accident, we can easily repair a car that just needs maintenance repairs.