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All About Paintless Dent Repair (PART 1)

paintless_dent_repair_2There are a lot of techniques that have been developed which can repair any car dent or dings without any trace. In fact, skilled technicians have mastered these techniques to the point that dent can now be removed without touching the paint in place. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas will be discussing all about paintless dent removal.

paintless_dent_repair_3Paintless dent removal or PDR has become a popular choice by car dealers, rental agencies and auctions over the past decade in order to prepare their vehicles for resale. Given this fact, not so many consumers are aware of this process. PDR uses special fabricated tools and techniques to remove dents from almost any panel of a car. It requires no sanding, body filler or even repainting. Most often than not, the dent can no longer be seen once the process is complete.

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas offers its clients all the convenience as well as the quality that paintless dent removal brings, while also saving their clients time and money. Now that PDR is slowly becoming the choice of many drivers who got involved in an auto collision or suffered from hail damage. The continuous use of high-strength metal and tough paint finishes has made paintless dent removal a good alternative to a lot of traditional body repair processes.

paintless_dent_repair_4Paintless dent repair can fix and is considered very effective for any of the following:

  • Small to large dents
  • Car models made 1900 up to new vehicles
  • Car which paint has not been broken or cracked
  • Dent that is far from the panel edge
  • Panel that has not had any previous repair made to it

Paintless dent repair is also considered very effective for hail damage. Because of this, some insurance companies use β€œhail teams” to travel to a specific location that was hit by hail in order to repair vehicles using PDR techniques. It is true that not all vehicle damages can be repaired thru PDR, but it is still a very useful technique for drivers who needs auto repair.