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All About Paintless Dent Repair (PART 2)

paintless_dent_repair_6Many drivers choose paintless dent repair for a couple of reasons. It requires no repainting or body fillers, it is considered less expensive than the other traditional body repair processes, it ends up as a same day service a lot of times, it has no risk when it come to over-spraying paint on other areas of the vehicle and there is no incorrect color matching since the vehicle maintains its original paint. This is important since a car that has its original paint has a higher market value as compared to a repainted car. It goes true even if the repaint was just at the door or fender area as it is always preferable to keep the original paint of the car as long as possible.

paintless_dent_repair_7Paintless dent repair technicians like the ones at Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas use special tools to push the metal back to its original shape and form. The dented panel is accessed by removing trim pieces depending on the location of the damage. It could be through window openings or even by removing the inner panels. Well trained technicians know where the dent ends and understands where the tip of the tool is. This skill requires a lot of patience that a good paintless dent repair technician has.

paintless_dent_repair_8In removing dents, the metal surrounding the outside edge of the said dent is massaged back slowly into original position. It becomes smaller as the technician works from the outside edge. It eventually becomes so small and almost invisible that it blends with the texture of the paint. The whole process typically lasts up to two hours and price depends on the location and complexity of the dent repair.

As with any type of auto body repair and services, there is a wide range of work quality and experience levels available in the market. It is always a good idea to check with a good and reputable auto body repair shop that knows what they do. Make sure to ask for references so you can get the best quality of work you deserve.