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Rain Reminders from Miracle Body and Paint

driving_safety_rain_2You may not know this, but rain and thunderstorms occur more frequently during the summer mainly because of the increased moisture and warmth that  this season brings. This holds true to humid areas such as the south eastern United States, in fact the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Weather Service reports that, approximately 1,800 thunderstorms occur at any given time which results to about 16-million thunderstorms each year.

Rain showers and thunderstorms also bring a lot of possible driving hazards. Here are San Antonio’s Miracle Body and Paint reminders for anyone who will be driving under this kind of weather:

driving_safety_rain_3Be cautious

Driving while it’s raining could very well be as bad as driving in snow and ice. Rain caused almost half of all weather-related auto accidents and collisions. Wet pavements minimize your vehicle’s handling and increase your distance to stop up to 4x the normal limit. Rain can also create very slippery roads because of the oil and other leaked fluids that is mixed with the rain water. Puddles and heavy rain fall can also reduce the tire traction significantly which can lead to hydroplaning.

Stay alert

Animals can be more active during this season. Deer is reported to be livelier especially during dusk or dawn so an extra dose of alertness is crucial. Bicycles and motorcycles can also be difficult to see during a heavy downpour. Make sure you are keeping an eye on these things so you can readily react.

driving_safety_rain_4Check your wiper blades

Replacing your wiper blades to get ready for this season is a good idea. Wiper blades get worn out from winter and they may not be as effective with clearing water way from your windshield. Always check your wiper blades and replace them preferably once a year.

Check your tire pressure

The harsh winter weather had definitely deflated your car tires. Always make sure you have enough air in all four especially now that the summer season has arrived. Having the proper pressure on all of your tires can help your vehicle increase the miles per gallon up to four percent.