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All About Windshield Wipers

One of the ways to practice safe driving is by having proper visibility. It won’t be long when winter comes and brings with snow, slush and frost that will reduce the windshield’s visibility. Windshield wipers are important when it comes to driving visibility. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas will be providing tips on how you can improve your safety by ensuring you have a properly functioning windshield.

For many vehicles, windshield wipers are generally each attached to a single arm. These arms are then attached to an electric motor that controls the blade arm’s pivotal movement. A rubber wiper blade is positioned into the metal frame for cleaning windows. There are other forms of windshield wipers that has a single blade attached in the center. This is extended upward and down in a rectangular shape that provides more area coverage than the traditional wiper blade motion.Now, modern vehicles are built with optical rain sensor wipers that can already detect the amount of rain on the windshield and respond accordingly. It will automatically adjust its speed and frequency depending on the amount of rain detected. There are also wipers that are specially made for winter conditions. These types of wipers have a rubber boot that covers it, which acts as a as a lip to keep snow and ice off the arm.

You will know that it is time for new windshield wipers if they are exhibiting any of the four S’s: streaking, skipping, splitting or squeaking. Its s advisable to replace average wiper blades every six month to a year, depending on where and tear, or if there are any visible deterioration. Some would change their wiper blades just before winter season came in order to get them through the harsh winter driving conditions ahead.

When inspecting your blades, make sure to ask the following questions:

  • Are the arms detached? Are there screws missing?
  • Is the frame broken or bent?
  • Is the wiper blade already disintegrated or ripped?
  • Are there any metal corrosion around the joints?
  • Does the arm move easily and lie flat to the window?
  • Is the rubber wiper already loose in the frame?

It’s advisable to add inspecting windshield wipers as part of the maintenance routine.

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