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Answering Your Most Pressing Questions About Collision Repair

Contrary to some people’s opinion, being in an auto collision doesn’t necessarily imply that your vehicle is totaled and out of commission. Actually, lots of auto body repair shops have the capacity and ability to restore your car to its former state. As your favorite auto body repair and paint shop, Miracle Body and Paint understands that you might have many questions regarding collision repair. We have taken it upon ourselves to shed some light on this issue by answering a few of your common questions.

How Long Should it Take to Repair my Car?

After a complete appraisal of the damage to your car, the body shop should provide an estimate of the duration it’ll take to complete the repair. At times, there might be delays because of hidden damage or spare parts on back-order. All in all, the shop should inform you of any alterations to the original estimated repair duration.

Must I Use the Collision Repair Center Recommended By my Insurance Company?

Most car owners wrongly assume that they can only use the auto body shop that their insurer recommends. You can use a shop that you prefer and not the one affiliated with the insurer, and they will pay for the service. Remember, although insurers advise you on the best auto body shops to use, the final say rests with you.

How Long Should I Wait Before Washing my Vehicle?

After the repairs are done, the auto body shop should wash the car thoroughly to check for mistakes or omissions in the cosmetic work. The fact that the acrylic urethane paint and ceramic takes like a month to dry and pass through the physical stages from liquid to well-cured paint means you should wash the car gently with the right materials in a proper environment. In this period, avoid applying wax or sealants to the newly painted car to enable the paint to breathe, ensure that the solvents escape and excellent curing.

Will the New Paint Match the Original Body Color?

Any reputable and accomplished auto body repair and paint shop should have cutting-edge and sophisticated equipment to mimic the original manufacturer’s color. At Miracle Body and Paint, we have the expertise, track record, and capacity to restore your car to its original state and make it aesthetically pleasing.