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Keeping a Car’s Paint Job in Good Condition

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Keeping a Car’s Paintwork in Good Condition

A car repair as a result of an auto collision can include a paint job. Scratches on the car body and paint that has peeled off need to be repainted. Car repainting is necessary in certain auto collision repair jobs. The process can restore a car’s former appearance.

There are ways to protect the paintwork of a car to keep it in good condition. An article on offers advice on the matter.

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Maintaining the Paintwork

One way to keep a car’s paintjob in good condition is to park it in a garage or any other covered area. It shields the paintwork against harmful UV rays and elements that destroy its clear coat and paint.

It is also important to wash a car regularly. When washing a car, mild detergent must be used to avoid paint damage. It is also good to not allow a newly-washed car to drip dry to keep a car from accumulating harmful water minerals that are damaging to its paint. A microfiber drying towel is effective in absorbing water that is left on the car’s surface after washing. The article also recommends cleaning the towel in between use and not placing it on the ground.

Acidic substances that come in contact with a car must be wiped or washed off to prevent paint damage. When removing acidic substances, research the right products to use for the task. The product WD 40 is usually the product that is used to removed tricky substances like sap.

Waxing a car is also recommended to protect the paint. Waxing a car must be done every three to six months. The interval between car waxing depends on how frequent a car is exposed to outside elements. Wax protects the car by adding an extra layer that shields paint against scratches. It also keeps paint from disintegrating and maintain its shine. It is good to put a layer of wax on the car after using a cleaner like WD40.

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