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Are You Confident in Your Rights as a Car Repair Customer?

When visiting an auto body shop, there are certain information car owners should have. Many people take their cars to auto body repair shops, but they don’t know what to expect. It is important to know your rights as a client, whether you are involved in an auto accident or just need maintenance services.

Miracle Body and Paint is your best auto collision repair center. These rights will help you ensure that your vehicle is repaired correctly, safely, quickly, and within your budget.

You Can Choose Your Own Auto Repair Shop

In most cases, if your car is in an accident, you have the option to choose the auto shop that will handle the repairs. Ask your friends, do a quick search online, and read reviews. Consult your insurance company to explore options. However, if they advise you not to do so, you should reconsider.

This is called steering, and it is illegal in most states.

You have the right to choose your repair parts
You have the option to choose which parts of your vehicle to replace if necessary. There are three types of auto parts you can choose from: OEM, recycled, and non-OEM. You may only be able to consider certain categories of parts if you have an insurance policy.

Every type of auto part is unique and has its own costs. If you are unsure, talk to your technicians or do some research. In many states, if an auto body shop uses any other than OEM parts, they must notify the client. Ask your repair professionals before they begin the repairs.

You have the right to a safe and correctly repaired car

You will spend some money when you go to an auto body shop. However, you are entitled to quality auto repairs. You can also expect your vehicle to be in the exact same condition as it was before the experts finish. Ask questions to make sure you fully understand how the vehicle is being repaired. Also, what the area will be repaired. What replacement parts will be used.

Talk to Miracle Body and Paint
Being aware of your rights is the first step to successful auto collision repair services. Miracle Body and Paint understands all aspects of auto body repairs. We’ve served hundreds of customers and will continue to be the preferred collision center in the region.