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Auto Accident Insurance Claim Process

Going through the process of filing an insurance claim for a car accident can be difficult. But, it is important to complete the process to ensure coverage. A useful guide on provides a convenient way to handle a car insurance claim process.

Right After the Accident

When already out of harm’s way, it is time to exchange insurance information with the driver or drivers involved in the accident. Then, contact the insurance company to get advice on handling insurance-related issues as a result of a car accident. Someone from the insurance company will offer advice on what should or should not be said or done when it comes to admitting guilt or liability. The counsel also includes providing the necessary steps to handle a car accident. The following are details that may be asked by a representative from the insurance company during a phone conversation:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Car registration
  • Driver’s license number
  • Description of the incident

Filling out an insurance claims form with an insurance company can be done online or through a mobile app. Miracle Body and Paint (auto collision center) in San Antonio can process insurance claims for customers. Call for inquiries!

Tips on Choosing a Repair Shop

Insurance companies often recommend a list of partner repair shops. Lenders too may require those who are still making payments for their car to choose from a list of partner repair shops.

In Texas, it is okay to choose a repair shop from an insurance company’s list of partners. Getting a repair shop recommended by an insurance company saves time and effort in searching for a mechanic to fix a car. However, choosing a repair shop that is not a partner of an insurance company also has its advantages. One of them is the possibility of avoiding maximizing the limit of an insurance coverage in terms of repair cost. Another advantage is avoiding getting a repair shop that uses aftermarket parts for the car to save on cost.

Repair shops that are not part of an insurance company’s network may offer better promotional schemes. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas, for example, gives 10% discount on repair work and 5% discount on replacement parts. What is good about the discounts is that the percentage is applied to the customer’s deductible to help in minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.

When choosing a repair shop outside of an insurance company’s network, it is important to check for ASE certification and AAA affiliation. Miracle Body and Paint has both qualifications. The company also has a reputation for being a trusted (auto body repair) shop in San Antonio. The company has a long list of satisfied customers in its more than thirty years of providing car collision repair work in the area. And, the company only employs mechanics with more than 10 years of car repair experience to ensure high quality services in any auto collision repair job.