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How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Car

Having rodents in your car seems like an issue that you should never have to worry about, right? But when squirrels, mice, and other rodents find haven in your vehicle, the devastation can be epic. Miracle Body and Paint, your most accomplished autobody shop in San Antonio, has assembled guidelines on dealing with rodent infestation in your car.

Why Rodents Enter Cars

Anytime temperatures drop, and the weather worsens, especially in winter and fall, rodents are more likely to seek shelter in parked cars. Also, it is widespread to find nocturnal animals inside your car.

How Rodents Enter Cars

Rodents are incredibly flexible and agile animals; hence they can easily fit in small spaces and even places that seem impossible to fit in. Such entry points include pedal shafts, the steering column, air-intake vents, among other areas.

How Rodents can Harm Your Vehicle

 As harmless as they might seem, these pesky critters can cause massive devastation to your car. Apart from the danger of causing distractions to the driver while driving, which can lead to fatal accidents, here are some of the damages they can inflict:


Rodents are renowned for their sharp teeth, which can easily chew through some materials in your car. These include seat fabric, electrical wire, plastic components, and hoses. Such damage, primarily where electrical wires are concerned, are significant causes of electrical fires in vehicles.


One indication of invaders in your car is the presence ofnests. Mice and rats develop nests in upholstery, carpeting, liner insulation, and air filters of your car, searching for warmer lodgings. At times, rodents also take refuge near the engine or heater blower while it is still warm for warmth, and when you start driving, it usually ends tragically.


Rodents in your car can pose a health concern due to the possibility of being bitten. Rodent bites and scratches can transmit diseases such as rat-bite fever, tetanus, and rabies, plus a host of diseases transmitted by fleas.


 It is usual for rats and mice to urinate and defecate anywhere they go. It can be the worst experience finding swathes of droppings all over your car, seats included. Apart from being gross, the health implications cannot be underestimated.

Tips on Keeping Rodents Out of Your Car

To keep furry critters from taking control of your car, follow the tips below:

  • Always park your car inside your garage
  • Don’t park near thick vegetation or tall grass
  • Don’t park close to food sources such as bird feeders, dumpsters, and pet food stores.
  • Close the windows when away from the car
  • Avoid storing food inside the car
  • Vacuum the rugs regularly while keeping the car in a pristine and clutter-free condition
  • Before starting your car, always bang on the hood to scare away any rodents sleeping inside
  • Make use of ultrasonic pest control gadgets or rodent repellants
  • Safeguard vital engine cables and components with a rodent-repellant coating

What if You Notice Signs of Rodent Activity?

If you see nests, droppings, or chewed stuff in the car, quick action is recommended:

  • Open the entire car to let the air out
  • Wear rubber gloves and completely clean the car with a bleach solution
  • After parking overnight, set traps around the vehicle. These include snap traps, live cage traps, and adhesive rodent traps. Food like peanut butter and cheese are ideal bait due to their attractive smell.
  • An alternative method is using heat or cold to drive the rodents away. Leaving all the doors open in the hot sun or popping the hood open in the winter will do the trick.
  • Place packets of cedar chips, cayenne pepper, and peppermint oil around your car as they are natural rodent repellants.

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