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Auto Body Repair – Not just for Collisions

"A car hits a pothole on a city street, throwing up water and debris. Shallow dof with focus only on the pothole and water splash."

At Miracle Body and Paint we deal with much more then just auto accidents and collision repair. Much of the work we do is a result of Nature and the damage it can cause your vehicle. Many seemingly small incidents can result in major repairs being needed later. We have put together a list of the most common ways mother nature attacks cars and trucks and why having the damage repaired early can save you thousands of dollars while the repair is still small.

Hail Damage – In San Antonio we get hail at least once a year and it is not uncommon for vehicles to sustain more damage then the car or truck might actually be worth. If you do have hail damage to a vehicle and you have insurance, you should get an estimate as soon as you possibly can so that your repairs will be covered. Hail damage greatly depreciates the value if your car and not having the repairs done will save you some time now, but cost you when you are ready to get a new car.

Bird Droppings – Did you know that birds cause more damage to vehicles then any other animal including deer. This is because the acids in the burn droppings needs only 3 days to eat away your paint. This is why you should wash the paint on your car as soon as possible if you notice a bird got your car. Once your paint is exposed in one area the paint around it becomes more vulnerable and you will notice patches of discolored paint. Before long the entire area or car will need to be repaired. Bird droppings have been known to make a vehicle a total loss.

Wind – Wind can cause major damage to your vehicle, beside the large objects it knocks over like falling trees and branches you should also think small. If you have ever been caught in a dust storm or gone to the beach when it is really windy you may have felt just how hard little particles of dirt and sand can hit your skin. These micro sized objects can cause minor breaks and pits in your cars clear coat and expose small areas of your paint. Having a professorial shop look at your vehicle if you think you may have damage can save you hundreds of dollars on a paint job and may be able to have your insurance company cover the cost before  too much time passes and you are no longer able to prove the cause of the damage.

As you can see from the above three examples, auto body repair shops like Miracle Body and Paint handle more than just collision repair. We invite you to visit us if any of the above examples apply to you and appreciate you choosing us for all your Auto body repair needs.  Remember that we discount deductibles.