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Useful Tips When Dealing With An Auto Accident (Part 1)

Male Motorist Involved In Car Accident Taking Picture Of Damage For Insurance Claim

auto accident_1We all know that aside from looking for a trusted auto collision center, there is a long list of things that we must worry about when we get involved in an auto accident. To assist you with some of your worries, Miracle Paint and Body has employed only the best staff and technicians who has over 15 years experience when it comes to auto repair. We only do the best quality measures from fixing minor dents and scrapes to complete fender rebuilding and auto paint refinishing.  We cannot reinstate the importance of getting an auto collision repair shop which can do the job efficiently and of course make everything easy for you. We follow the industry standards in all of the services, which was why we are able to maintain our A+ rating with the BBB.

Auto accident_2Here are some pointers which will be helpful to keep in mind if ever you find yourself involved in an auto accident:

  1. It is important to never drive a car without a “clean bill of health”. Some insurance companies will refer an auto repair shop only because they have an existing discount there. The high number of referrals the shop gets from that insurance company may only result to a degradation of their performance in order to finish the repairs within the insurance’s deadline. At Miracle Body we make sure that the discount is passed on you by giving discounts on our hourly rate and the cost of parts. This will surely lower your deductable discount.
  2. Some insurance companies may push you to visit their preferred auto collision center before having your car repaired. A better option is to leave your car at your trusted auto repair shop that can give an honest estimate and have the insurance company inspect there. Miracle Paint and Body cares for you, not the insurance company.
  3. Even if you already have your trusted auto repair center chosen, some insurance companies may still require you to get more estimate or appraisal. It is good to know that the law does not require you to do so. auto accident_3