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How To Avoid an Auto Accident Repair Center This Winter (Part 1)

auto_paint_and_body_shopWelcome to part 1 of our “How To Avoid an Auto Accident Repair Center This Winter.” Our goal is to help you stay safe. As the temperatures cool down and the rain comes more frequently, you’ll want to prepare yourself and your family for driving in dangerous weather conditions. Winter roads covered in sleet can be difficult and frustrating to maneuver in. Because of this, the San Antonio and Leon Valley team at Miracle Body and Paint auto collision repair center put together a few crucial tips you will want to implement immediately to ensure the safety of your family this Winter season and to avoid auto accidents.

1. Before leaving your home, be sure to go online and check for weather alerts in your area. Knowing what type of weather you are facing is your best defense in staying safe. Once you know the weather, visit the San Antonio Transguide website for alternative routes and live camera feeds of what is happening on our city streets.

san_antonio_collision_center2. Prepare and leave early for your destination. Leaving extra travel time for yourself will not only make you a calm driver, but it will provide you with more time to take alternative routes just in case weather conditions prohibit you from your regular routes.

3. Another great way to avoid auto accidents is to make sure that your tires are well inflated at all times. This will give your vehicle better traction should you need to brake unexpectedly.

4. One of the best ways to avoid the need for auto collision repair is to keep a safe distance from all other motor vehicles on the road. It is highly recommended to keep a three-car distance from other vehicles to give you plenty of time to react if the car ahead of you brakes too quickly.

5. You may not be aware of this, but one of the most obvious ways to keep your car out of the paint and body repair shop is to avoid using cruise control in bad weather. The use of cruise control during rain or snow could cause your car to spin out of control.

auto_body_repair_shopThe team at Miracle Body and Paint is pleased to bring you and your family safety tips to help keep you out of our auto body repair shop in San Antonio and beyond this Winter season. Our biggest concern is always your safety. Check back soon for more tips from our San Antonio body shop and don’t forget to visit our collision center for more information about our deductible discounts.