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Avoid Auto Accidents, Follow Good Driving Habits!

When it comes to auto accidents or auto collisions, we all know that bad driving habits such as driving without full attention is very dangerous. What you may not know is that there are less obvious habits that may put you at risk of getting involved in an auto accident or auto collision. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas lists down practical tips on how you can ensure road safety:

  • Avoid using your mobile phone when driving

Many studies have already proven that using the mobile phone while driving can already four times increase a person’s risk of getting into an auto collision. Whether it is handheld or hands-free, using mobile phones can lower a driver’s reaction and attention similar to those who are alcohol-intoxicated.

  • Make side mirror adjustments

Make sure you angle your side mirrors to the extent that it can show the flank of the car and road behind you. Safety experts also add to position them so that no mirror part is reflected on it. Side mirrors should overlap slightly the center-mounted rear view mirror slightly. Correctly positioned side mirrors can prevent blind spots when changing lanes that force you to unnecessarily turn your head.

  • Steer clear of hot cars

One often neglected distractions when driving comes from the uncomfortable hot car that has been parked under the sun too long.  To avoid this, simply roll down one of your windows first, walk to the other side of the car and repeatedly open and close its door five times. This simple process promotes proper air circulation, forcing the hot air out.

  • Have keychain lights close

Only a few people know how fragile key ignitions are. Putting too much weight to the key pulls it downward, damaging the ignition switch. Not only does the ignition switch start the car, it also maintains your car’s electric circuit. A failed switch can make your car shut off automatically, leading to auto collisions or accidents.

  • Don’t eat or drink while driving

Eating and drinking can distract you and might keep your hands off the steering wheel, especially if you spill or drop something on the floor. Remember that driving using only one hand can decrease your control on the steering wheel.