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How to Know If Your Car is Safe to Drive After a Collision

It’s Never Fun

Nobody wants to get involved in a car accident. But with automobile crashes being as frequent as they are these days, it is possible that out of sheer bad luck, you will end up in an accident at some point in your driving life.

At our Miracle Body and Paint’s Body Shop and Collision Center in San Antonio, we can tell perfectly well whether a car is safe to be driven after a collision.

We suggest that if you must drive, then ensure to operate your vehicle with extreme caution. As auto engineers, we know your car isn’t running at 100 percent, and there could be hidden problems that can pose a threat to your safety.

Clouds of smoke

After the accident, and after your car has spent a stint at an auto body shop, some things can be obvious: Like clouds of smoke coming out of your car tailpipe or smell of burning rubber coming  from under the hood. You don’t want to drive that car at least for long distances until you have these checked out to find out the problem.

Here are some questions you need to ask to determine if the car is safe to drive after a collision:

  • Are the lamps functioning?
  • Are the mirrors intact?
  • Are the breaks working correctly?
  • Are the wheels properly aligned?
  • Are there any leaking fluids?
  •  Is the hood broken?
  • Is engine spluttering?


At our auto body shop, and after the accident, we insist on checking whether your car transmission is functioning correctly. Modern transmissions are reliable and built to last a long time. But in a crash, the fluids inside your transmission are grossly interrupted and interfered with.  Also when the fluids get dirty, it affects the performance of the transmission.

If you notice hard shifting, that is often accompanied by a clunking sound. It is time to bring your car to our body shop for servicing. You may also start the engine, engage gear and the car fails to move.

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