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Avoid needing Auto Body repair this holiday season — Part 3 Parking Lot Accidents

With so many people shopping at once during the holiday season it is no coincidence that parking lot accidents dramatically increase. A combination of shopping stress, obstructed views from other vehicles and increased traffic contribute to the likelihood you will be involved in an accident. Here are 3 tips you can use to avoid finding yourself in a parking lot accident.
1. Slow and steady wins the race. When backing out of a space be sure that you take your time. Pedestrians quickly rushing to and from the front door may not be paying as much attention to the cars around them as they normally would. Other drivers behind the wheel also have less patience so they may try and dart behind you as you back out. Keeping yourself from being in a rush will help you avoid other people’s mistakes.
2. Keep your gifts from obstructing your views. Sometimes you just get so many good deals that you need to stack your bounty as high as possible. Unfortunately this can lead to increased blind spots. Many accidents are a result of people not seeing a vehicle that stuck in the blind spot. If you need to physically turn around to check your blind spot do so to keep yourself from hitting a car you can’t see.
3. Limit circling the parking lot. Your best bet is to find the first spot available and walk. The more you drive in the artificial traffic of a parking lot the more likely you are to be involved in a collision. Small parking lot collision damage can cost more than you think if the impact involves more than one panel.
Hopefully these tips help you to avoid needing an auto body shop this holiday season, but if you find yourself in an accident and would like a free estimate please visit our auto body shop in San Antonio. We employ the best auto body technicians and painters in the business and offer a deductable discount to every customer.