Avoid needing Auto Body repair this holiday season — Part 1 Auto Break-ins
Avoid needing Auto Body repair this holiday season — Part 3 Parking Lot Accidents
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Avoid needing Auto Body repair this holiday season — Part 2 Run-away shopping carts & door dings

One of the most frustrating types of damage to find on your vehicle is damage left by inconsiderate shoppers who open their doors into the side of your car or worse, just let their shopping carts roll away after loading their vehicles. Such minor incidents can leave a surprising amount of damage. Here are some tips to help you avoid these dents and dings.
1. Don’t park at the bottom of a hill. People say that you should park far away from the store to avoid dings. But if that parking lot is sloped you may actually be giving the shopping cart a running start. A rolling shopping cart can actually cause a fender to bend in such a way that the driver side or passenger door will not open.
2. If possible, park on the side of the building or in an adjacent lot. Side lots tend to get less traffic. Therefore you are less likely to sustain auto body damage. Just be sure that these lots are well lit and secure.
3. My favorite- Have someone drop you off. It may just be me but I really do not like shopping. I would much rather drop my wife off at the door and find a shady spot to relax. I am sure there are many guys out there that would jump at the chance to not have to shop. I just need a fully charged tablet or smart phone and my wife can take her time.
Hopefully these tips can help you avoid sustaining damage to your vehicle. If you have minor damage you may be eligible for our paint less dent repair service. Stop in our office for a free estimate and we will be happy to help get your vehicle looking brand new.