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Avoid needing Auto Body repair this holiday season — Part 1 Auto Break-ins

Parking lots are a dangerous place for your car, especially during the holiday season. As the shopping crowds increase, so do the chances that your car will receive some type of body damage. Over the next 3 weeks we will be discussing 3 of the most common types of damage you are likely to receive in a parking lot and how you can avoid them. This week we will be talking about Auto Break-ins.
This is the most wonderful time of the year for a thief. Shoppers tend to visit more than one store on a shopping outing, this means the later in the day it is, the more likely their car is filled with gifts. Here are three things you can do to help limit your chances of a break in.
1. Use a car with a closed trunk. Hatchbacks, minivans and suv’s are lined with windows giving easy view of what is in your car. Most criminals will go for the easy targets first so if they can see shopping bags they will likely strike.
2. Make frequent trips home to unload. This step may be inconvenient but it can help you minimize your losses if your car is broken into. If you have a suv or other window lined vehicle, your best bet to keep from having your car broken into is to keep it empty.
3. Get dropped off. Chances are that the man of the house doesn’t want to lug around shopping bags all day so make him a deal. Have him drop you off and pick you up so he can guard the car and gifts in a relaxing recliner either at home or in the parking lot. If he chooses to stay in the parking lot he can also hone his detective skills and help keep an eye out for the bad guys.
At Miracle Body and Paint we want you to have a great holiday season and hope these tips help you keep your shopping plunder safe. If you do get in an auto accident this holiday season, visit or San Antonio location on Bandera and Grissom and we will do our best to save you as much holiday cash as we can on your deductable. Next week we will talk about run away shopping carts.