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Avoiding Road Rage by Miracle Body and Paint

avoidautocollision1It is a good practice to ask for advice from people who are on the road frequently when it comes to dealing with road rage. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio is not only concerned with repairing your vehicle, we also want to make your driving experience less stressful so you can avoid any unexpected auto collision incidents.

  1. Tailgating is an indication of aggressive driving and is considered as a major cause of auto accidents in the roads today. To discourage vehicles that are tailgating, simply take your foot off the accelerator and just let your vehicle slow down. This will make the tailgater impatient and be forced to go around you.
  2. avoidautocollision2Studies show that listening to calm music helps in controlling road rage. Pick a soothing tune which beats no more than 145 per minute. Β Mild classical music is a good choice as compared to tunes with faster beats. Fast music can in fact hype you up and make you hyper, which can lead you feeling irritated with other drivers.
  3. Keeping your alertness on the road and minimizing day dreaming can prevent sudden stops, blind spots and other road accidents.
  4. Avoid looking at something for too long while driving. Make sure your eyes are moving at the road ahead.
  5. Observing the road is a good way to avoid situations that can make you angry. Check your mirrors constantly for possible scenarios such as deer on the side of the road, aΒ carΒ that might turn in front of you and even a police car tucked under an overpass waiting to give you a speeding ticket.
  6. Always drive with a clear and calm mind. Being upset or stressed can leave you feeling agitated and easily mad. . Meditation techniques can help manage anger flares.avoidautocollision
  7. Consider the possibility of using cruise control for speed management to avoid paying an over speeding ticket.
  8. Some drivers prefer chewing on a gum to keep them alert and awake. Several studies of aromas have demonstrated decreased levels of frustration, anxiety and fatigue when exposed to peppermint or cinnamon scents.