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Minor Auto Accident Checklist by Miracle Body and Paint

minor auto collisionEven if there was no injury involved, an auto collision causes as much problem and stress. Miracle Body and Paint gives you some tips to help you whenever you find yourself in a car accident. You can call Miracle Body and Paint to repair your vehicle and get it up and running as soon as possible.

Here are some things you need to do when you find yourself in an auto accident:

  1. If both party’s cars are still drivable and in a relatively safe condition, agree upon a location where you can move both your cars off the road. This could be a shoulder or the nearest parking lot to avoid causing major traffic in the lane. Always take note of the other vehicle’s plate number though if ever he decides to leave. If it’s no longer safe to move the vehicles, use the four way flashers and flares to assist other cars from hitting the vehicles.
  2. minor auto collisionExchange contact information with the other driver, most importantly the driver’s insurance and policy information. You can start writing down other useful notes such as the visible damages and even the possible conditions that could have affected the collision.
  3. If any disagreements arise regarding the collision and if a party is in clear violation of the law, call the police and submit an accident report. Regardless of whoever decides that a police needs to be involved, both drivers must always remain on the scene until the police arrives.
  4.  Take photos of the visible damages, skid marks and other evidences on both cars, this can help with any contentions that may arise.
  5. Call your insurance to begin the insurance claim process.

minor auto collisionSome other useful tips you can do  include always keeping a notepad in your car so you can record any accident information. Always remember to never leave the scene of an accident without getting all the needed information for claims processing. You will certainly be frightened if you hit a car, but remember that leaving the accident scene will only make it bad for you in the end.