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Basic Car Maintenance Tips by Miracle Body and Paint (PART 2)

car_maintenance_tips_miracle_6Here is the second part of the basic car care and maintenance tips from Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas:

car_maintenance_tips_miracle_7Don’t neglect your car tires

Make sure to regularly check the tire pressure, keeping the recommended pressure stated on the car manufacturer’s manual. Be sure to also look out for uneven wear. An uneven wear may suggest it’s time for realignment especially when you’re already following regular tire pressure maintenance. It could also mean the brakes or shock-absorbers are worn out and needs to be replaced. Wheel realignment is usually checked every 50,000 km. Steering problems span may happen when wheels are improperly aligned. If your steering is stiffer than usual or if your car pulls to one side, wheel alignment may be suggested.

Wash your car engine yearly

A clean engine runs cooler as compared to a dirty engine. It will also enable you to easily spot leaks and service the components. You can go to an auto repair shop to have your engine professionally cleaned out. If you choose to do it on your own, make sure to protect sensitive components such as air intake and distributor.

Change spark plugs every 50,000km

Changing spark plugs regularly can give good fuel mileage and high engine performance.

car_maintenance_tips_miracle_8Check your car battery

Regardless of any manufacturer’s claim that their battery is maintenance-free, regularly checking on it is still necessary to make it last longer. Make sure to keep your battery terminals clean by wiping it with a damp rag and detergent. Inspect the battery case for any sign of cracks or bulges, replace immediately if there are.

Pick a reliable auto repair shop.

Auto accidents and auto collisions are sometimes unavoidable. Make sure you have chosen a trustworthy auto repair center. A professional auto repair and body shop can check your car thoroughly and detect any problems. If you are in the San Antonio area, you can check out Miracle Body and Paint. Each of our technicians has at least 10 years of professional experience to deliver only excellent body and paint repairs to all makes and vehicle models.