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Keep Your Car Safe and Secure (PART 2)
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Keep Your Car Safe and Secure (PART 1)

keep_car_safe_secure_2Believe it or not, a car thieves nowadays can break into and steal expensive, premium cars in less than 60 seconds. Miracle Auto Body and Paint gives you pointers on how you can be a step ahead.

Get an alarm

Many car owners may not be aware that their car doesn’t have an alarm fitted. Entry-level cars may look into getting alarm brands that are recognized by insurers which can improve security and also cut down insurance premium for lower theft risk.

keep_car_safe_secure_3Get an immobilizer

Immobilizers have been proven to significantly reduce auto theft risk. Two types of immobilizers are electronic and mechanical. Electronic devices disable the ignition circuit power until a special coded fob is picked up by a sensor nearby. The electronic code unlocks the ignition circuit so the car can start again.

Use a steering lock

Mechanical immobilizers are most commonly referred to as steering locks. Even if they are a bit old and outdated, they can still help improve your car’s security. Thieves are more hesitant to steal cars that have steering locks on.

Use a GPS tracker

High-end luxury and sports cars are high-priority targets to thieves. For those with rare and expensive cars, it may be beneficial to get a GPS tracking device that can automatically find the position of the car if it was stolen. Some insurance companies even force car owners to get one as part of the insurance.

keep_car_safe_secure_4Avoid putting things in open view

Laptop bags and mobile phones are very enticing to thieves especially when they see it clearly inside the car. Make sure to lock these items and place them well out of sight. It is even better if you will not leave it inside the car. If you have a modern car, you can use the under floor storage to keep your things.

Use locking wheel nuts

Alloy wheels are considered easy targets for car thieves since they can be easily sold online with no trace. Avoid this by getting locking wheel nuts, a special type of anti-tamper wheel securing device that requires a special key to undo the wheel.