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Can It Be Repaired Or Does It Need to Be Replaced? – Part III

Repair or replace the dented door panel

On a clear day, San Antonio sees an average of 400 accidents per day. An Auto Body and Paint Shop will have to determine if a damaged or new part should be used. Sometimes the shop will be told by insurance, but most often it is the technicians at the auto body shop and paint shop who determine what is best for the car. There are four options for collision repair after an accident. We discussed earlier this week what happens to the collision damage. We will now discuss the two options available for replacing a piece.

Insurance companies are increasingly recommending that auto body and painting shops replace damaged parts with new panels. There are two options. The shop will first need to locate a used part. Here are the salvaged cars that we discussed last week. These parts may need to be replaced, but are much easier than the damaged part. The most difficult part of having your vehicle’s body damaged repaired is finding the parts. Sometimes, delays can be caused by the supplier sending the wrong part or not being in good enough condition. These are common problems that can be encountered at shops across the country. A factory-original part that’s the same model as yours is what you get when you buy a used part.

You can also get a new part aftermarket. There are many companies that specialize in body panels for almost every car make and model. These parts can be made to exact factory specifications, but they are not factory originals. A body panel that is “after-market” will usually be free from defects. There are delays if the wrong part is shipped. This is often due to vehicles being offered in different trims. A GS and GX models of the same vehicle.

These options can bring your car back to its original glory. Miracle body and Paint offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work. We offer auto collision repair that is second to none in San Antonio. Miracle Body and Paint is the best San Antonio auto body shop. We will show you why so many San Antonio residents have chosen us to be their auto body and paint shop.