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Tips For Defensive Driving

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Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio offers assistance to those who are involved in an auto accident. We are determined to help you with the best auto repairs for your vehicle, and we hope that no serious injuries are caused.

Defensive driving can be a great way to avoid accidents and reduce the severity of serious injuries. Miracle Body and Paint wants everyone to be safe on the roads and to practice defensive driving. For both beginners and seasoned drivers looking to improve their driving skills, defensive driving techniques can be very helpful. Driving defensively can reduce or even eliminate serious accidents. These are some useful tips to help you:

  1. You should expect the worst. One example scenario is when a car signals that it is about for a turn but suddenly stops, and vice versa.
  2. Other drivers may ignore stop signs and red lights.
  3. Pay attention to drivers who use their phones while driving.
  4. Be aware that not all cars will be visible while you drive.
  5. Every signal, indicator and brake light of another vehicle must be checked.
  6. Keep your eyes on the road and don’t drive too close to another vehicle. Keep your line of sight clear of obstructions.
  7. Make sure to adjust your rearview mirrors correctly and to avoid tinted windows.
  8. Double-check the road for pedestrians, bicycles, motorbikes, cyclists, potholes and animals. Check for any obstructions on the road.
  9. Do not drive too fast or too slowly, and always keep to the speed limit.
  10. It is best to know the exit route and keep as close as possible to the outer lane. This will help you quickly stop or back out in an emergency.

defensive driving4 These defensive driving tips will help make roads safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Miracle Body and Paint can help you if you are involved in an auto collision.