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Car Accident Types and Resulting Injuries

Car accidents are a huge problem in Texas. Many people have been injured or killed because of an auto collision. So, it is important to exercise caution when driving on the roads of Texas.

According to an article on, in 2018 alone, there was one person who was killed because of an auto collision in every two hours and 25 minutes. And, there was one person who was injured in every two minutes and seven seconds.

The article also states that injuries that can be sustained in a car accident vary depending on the type of car accident that happened. A head-on collision, for example, can lead to injuries like neck and spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, amputation and disfigurement and death.

Other Types of Car Accidents

There are other types of car accidents, and severe forms of injuries  can be sustained because of them.

Rollover Accident

A vehicle flipping over onto its roof or side can cause injuries to its occupants. Trucks are not the only vehicles in a rollover accident . Vehicles like SUVs and vans can also be in a rollover accident because of their high center of gravity. The body parts that can be injured by occupants involved in a rollover accident are the head and neck, thorax, abdomen, upper limbs and lower limbs.

Side-Impact (T-Bone) Accident

A side-impact accident is a collision that involves the front or rear end of a car colliding with the side of another car. To protect the occupants of a car in such accident,  a side-impact airbags are automatically deployed, but the safety precaution device does little in preventing serious injuries or death. The injuries that can be sustained because of the accident are usually soft tissue injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries and injuries to the pelvic and abdominal areas.

Side Swipe Accident

Two parallel cars moving in the same direction can collide. A side swipe collision happens when one driver changes lanes. An occupant of a car is injured in a severe side swipe accident because the car hit a tree, guardrail or another vehicle.

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