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How Teens Can Prevent Road Accidents

Car accidents can present many problems for teens. A car accident usually results in hospitalization and even lawsuits, but all of them can be avoided. According to an article on, teens who are new to driving can avoid a car accident with a few tips.

Be a Responsible Driver

Both attitude and maturity make for responsible driving. It is important to be committed in being a responsible driver to avoid car accidents.

Get Many Hours of Supervised Driving

Parents should have an involvement in the driving lessons of their teens. Parents can help by supervising  practice driving. Both parents and teen drivers must adhere to a practice driving schedule.

Do Not Forget to Wear Safety Belts

Wearing a safety belt inside a car must be a habit. The rule applies not only in situations where teens are driving but also when they are being passengers.

Drug Use and Underage Drinking Are Illegal

Consuming alcohol or smoking a joint can result in driver impairment. The effects of alcohol and illegal drugs on the brain can impair both judgment and reaction time when driving. And, driving under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs can cost drivers their license.

Limiting Occupants of a Car

The chance of having a car accident on the road is higher if there are many passengers in a car. It is strongly recommended to limit the number of passengers.

Avoiding Nighttime Driving

The likelihood of fatal car crashes is three times higher in nighttime driving than in daytime driving for every mile covered. As a new driver, avoid driving at night whenever possible.

Driving Slow and Safe

Roads with high volume of traffic and fast-moving vehicles can make a new driver uncomfortable. It is important to avoid difficult driving situations like driving on highways and merging and driving in cities.

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