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What You Need to Know about Car Detailing
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Car Care: Don’t Ignore Your Spare Tire

Car Care: Don't Ignore Your Spare Tire Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

The lowly spare tire doesn’t usually get much respect. In fact, a lot of vehicles nowadays don’t even come with a spare tire anymore. To cut weight and free up space, car manufacturers add a a compressor and a can of a Fix-a-Flat-style product in hopes that the driver with a flat tire can get back on his way again without having to deal with tire spares.

This may be a great idea for some. If your car is equipped with a spare, however, make sure you don’t just ignore it. Not many people know that tires come with a shelf life. Time can take its toll on any tire, even for the ones that are never on the ground. Did you know that brand-new tires have a sell-by date? Many experts agree that tires that are older than six to eight years old are already considered unsafe due to degradation of the rubber. Your spare can sit in the trunk or under the vehicle and dry-rot over time. Even if it doesn’t, it can lose air to the point where it will end up useless.

If your vehicle has a full-size spare, it’s a good idea to include it in your tire rotation schedule and actually put it on the pavement from time to time. If not, at least check on your spare and inspect it for any rotting or degradation.

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