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How To Choose Car Insurance Coverage

Types of car insurance covers

When buying a new car, there is a common question among new car owners. How much insurance do I need? Truth be told, there is no right or wrong answer. There are varieties of considerations you need to make before you settle for a particular cover. Below we look at some things you should consider before purchasing your insurance.

Liability coverage

It is virtually impossible to predict how much insurance coverage you might need in case of an accident. If you are at fault in a collision, you will be paying more for any damages to property or parties involved. However, if you are the victim, then what you are required to pay decreases significantly. If you are comfortable paying for damages costing above your coverage limits, then opt for lower-priced premiums. On the other hand, higher premiums will afford you more cover when you are liable.

Collision and comprehensive deductibles

When you have higher deductibles as part of your coverage, then your premiums are lower. However, this increases what you pay out of your pocket after an accident. If you opt to save on your premium, ensure you have enough savings or cash at hand. Often, accidents do not give you time to prepare. If you are not in a position to pay out-of-pocket on short notice, then go for a lower deductible. When a crash occurs, you have less to worry when your deductible is lower. Learn more about miracle body and paint discounts on your deductible.

Do I get collision, comprehensive, or both insurance covers?

Like liability coverage limit, the choice of coverage is dependent on your car ownership or personal preference. Leased and financed cars rarely give you an option. Most require both collision and comprehensive coverage. However, for those that do not and if you fully own your car, then the choice is yours. One thing to consider, however, is whether what you save from dropping either cover is enough to cover damages in case of a collision.

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