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Understanding Insurance “Preferred” Collision Repair Centers
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Why Your Insurance Providers “Preferred” Collision Repair Center might not be the Best

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According to a report on CNN’s AC360, a spotlight shone on auto insurers was able to reveal the extent of the scheming in the industry. Apparently, the insurers have been coercing repair shops into using cheap and sometimes dangerous parts for repairs. The little over 10-minutes expose run by Anderson Cooper features interviews with affected consumers and body shop owners.


Who is to blame?


According to the auto repair shops, the insurers are to blame. Because most shops rely on the referrals they get from the insurance companies for business, they end up resorting to using the sub-standard material. Reason being that they offer bonuses to the insurers in order for them to get the business. Worse still, the insurers sign off for the bare minimum repairs in a bid to save on the claims they pay out. It has also come out that some insurance companies themselves suggest that repair shops use after-market parts, some even salvaged.


Should I be Concerned?


Insurance companies have long been steering people to body shops. However, with this report by CNN, it is clear that these shops are not necessarily prudent with repairs. The use of sub-standard parts puts you at risk of even further car damage. In one incident, on the clip, Drew Griffin stands in while a previously repaired car is examined. The visual and boroscope examination reveals that despite the “preferred” shop handing the car over as repaired, it hard 3 out of 4 rims bent on different places and a ripped tail frame. The car was later written off as a total loss when CNN probed further, and only after the owner engaged a lawyer to sue the insurer.


What Options do I have?


Nevertheless, not all hope is lost. With reliable collision repair shops such as Miracle Body and Paint, you have the option of choosing your own repair center. Despite what your insurance company will tell you, ultimately, only you can decide where to have your vehicle repaired. Every member of our dedicated team has over 10 years’ experience and we handle the claims on your behalf. To us, your safety is our concern.