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Car Maintenance Basics (Part 2)

Car accidents and roadside emergencies can be prevented by performing a car routine maintenance.

Some aspects of car maintenance basics from website are discussed in the first part of the series. This article includes more of the aspects of DIY car maintenance with the help of a car manual.

Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Fuel usage is also determined by the alignment of tires, and it is the reason why tires must be rotated, balanced and aligned on a regular basis as a part of car routine maintenance set of tasks.  The maintenance task also contributes to road safety. Rotating tires must be accomplished after a certain number of mileage is reached, and the number depends on the recommendation in the car manual. Inquire about routine car maintenance at Miracle Body and Paint, the trusted auto body shop in San Antonio, Texas

Brake Dust Problems

Brake dust can leave the wheel of a car severely stained. The dust comes from materials in the brake rotor and the brake pad itself. 92 percent of which is iron, while the remaining eight percent is grime, dirt, carbon content and other particles. Eliminating the dust can be a DIY task, with the task requiring only cold water and a damp sponge.

Fuel’s Octane Rating Recommendation

Higher octane fuel doesn’t necessarily mean more power. There are cars that need to use higher octane fuel to avoid the tendency to ‘knock’ when operating on very high compression ratios. But not all cars need to run like a race car and requires prevention of detonation by using higher octane fuel. Regular driving only needs regular fuel, unless stated in the car manual.

Car Detailing

Surface scratches and other imperfections can be removed with a car detailing job. Car detailing also makes sure that the car is cleaned and polished to restore its appearance. The routine maintenance also gives protection to both interior and exterior parts of the car with products that seal the surface of the materials. Car detailing is a step up from a regular car wash, and it can do wonders to the paintwork on the car without a need for repainting job. Learn more about car detailing from Miracle Body and Paint shop, the trusted autobody and car collision center in San Antonio. Call now!

Car maintenance jobs, whether DIY or not, also boosts the performance of a car and improve its appearance. At Miracle Body and Paint, cars can have a complete routine maintenance from the hands of car specialists who know how to do it right.