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How to Help in a Car Accident

Car accidents pose a risk to life and property and could happen to anyone who is on the road. No one knows for sure when a road accident would happen and what effects it would have to the driver and passengers. But, if a car accident happens to someone else, what does a person who is at the scene must do?

Things to Do

The first thing to do is to make sure to be out of harm’s way. After ensuring one’s safety, it is important to take 10 seconds to evaluate the situation carefully. However, do not forget to call 911 and don’t assume that others already have. In accidents, people can experience the so-called Bystander Effect, which states that the more people present at the scene of a car accident, the less likely someone will step up and help. So, it is important to make the call to 911 even when thinking that someone else could have already done it. And, when speaking with a 911 operator, limit answers to important points, such as location, number of vehicles in the car accident, number of people involved and other road hazards, including leaking fuel or downed power lines. (Collision repair)s are quick and easy with the help of experts like Miracle Body and Paint (collision center).

How a Car Accident Scene is Like

When it comes to damage made to a car, a car accident can leave a car with wreckage all over its exterior. The scene can be littered with metal and broken glass. It can also be expected to smell something burning because engine oil and fluids flow out from broken containers. Cars in a car accident may not be stable on flat ground but instead are upside down on their sides. It is important to check for signs of instability of the car’s position and tell 911 about it. By doing it, emergency responders know how to properly help in the situation.

Helping People Involved in a Car Accident

Someone who is untrained must not try anything aside from first aid treatment. The 911 operator who remains on the phone will give guidance on what to do in helping people involved in a car accident. People in a car accident may or may not create noise, but it is important to help also those who are not calling out for help. It is because a quiet patient may also be suffering from an injury. Furthermore, it is important to always get walking patients to a place of safety.

After a car accident, performing car repairs are the least of the problems. Especially with the help of trusted (collision center)s such as Miracle Body and Paint, which is located in San Antonio, Texas.