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Car Terms You Need To Know

Car Terms You Need To Know Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

If you better understand basic automotive vocabulary, there is a high chance that you will receive better service from an auto repair shop. If you know the mechanics’ jargon, it will help you make the right decisions when auto repair professionals suggest maintenance service and repair. You can also avoid paying for unnecessary parts or services if you have the knowledge. Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio, Texas want to protect you no matter where you choose to service your car. That’s why our knowledgeable  staff from Miracle Body and Paint staff  lists down some of the important car terms every driver needs to know and understand.

  • Dipstick – this is a graduated rod that is used to visually check liquid level and quality of your car. This is usually used for engine oil that helps determine whether you need an oil change or fluid replacement.
  • Timing Belt – This is a very important part of all internal combustion engines.The underside of the timing belt is made up of teeth or ridges or teeth. This is responsible for turning the camshaft in “time” with the other moving parts of the engine. The camshaft opens and closes the engine valves to let fuel-air in and exhaust out.
  • Spark Plug – The spark plugs ignite the fuel-air mixture to power the engine whenever you turn your ignition key.  If your spark plug is damaged and burned,  it will not properly ignite your engine. This will overheat the ignition coils and eventually lead to premature failure.
  • Brake Pad – Just like any other car parts, your brake pads can also wear out gradually. When our highly trained professionals check your brake system, they’ll include the brake pads and check its thickness. Proper thickness is needed to ensure that there is enough friction material remaining to safely stop your car.
  • Battery Corrosion – Battery terminal corrosion is usually caused when acid leaks from inside the battery case. If this happens, too much resistance within the battery will hinder the electrical current from reaching the starter and powering your car’s engine. Even when the headlights and other electrical accessories seem to work fine, your engine will fail to turn on.