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Benefits of Cooling System Flush Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas
Benefits of Cooling System Flush
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Car Terms You Need To Know
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Debunking Cooling System Myths (PART 1)

Debunking Cooling System Myths Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

There’s a lot of misinformation that is circulating when it comes to auto body repair. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there. When you add amateur mechanics and unethical auto repair shops they gives the wrong answers, then you’re in trouble. Misinformation can result in you paying for unnecessary services, while receiving the wrong recommendation could cause more damage to your car. Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio, Texas wants to prevent this from happening to you. We’ll be correcting some cooling system misconceptions for today’s blog post.

Myth #1: Your car’s cooling system doesn’t need to be serviced

A typical misconception about the cooling system is that its maintenance-free. In some car models, a broken down coolant may result to rust. When rust forms, these rust particles becomes electrically charged making the coolant highly corrosive. This can result in major engine and cooling system damage that is very costly to repair . Some car owner think that flushing a vehicle’s coolant is not necessary and just needs to be topped off. The coolant also breaks down over time just like car oil and may wear down the engine or cause corrosion if not fixed immediately.

Myth #2: A dripping coolant is OK 

You may neglect a small bit of fluid on the garage floor. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio is here to tell you not to neglect this. Firs reason is it’s illegal to dump antifreeze and other hazardous substances into surface waters.  That’s exactly what you’re doing when you park your car on the road. When rail falls down, it will wash the coolant towards the drain, into the dumps and towards your community’s water supply. Second reason is that glycol (or antifreeze) is highly poisonous. It unfortunately has a sweet taste that your dogs and small children may accidentally consume . In addition to these health and environmental hazards, a leaking radiator can also cause failure to your cooling system. If the radiator  has a leak, it will split open over time and dump all of the remaining coolant. You can save all this trouble just by making sure to treat all dripping fluids in your car immediately.