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Collision Center: How to choose the best auto body repair shop

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Because auto collisions are inevitable, choosing the best collision center is your only hope to getting a roadworthy vehicle back. It is impossible to tell which repair shop is the best unless you have researched on a few. The difference from taking your car to any collision center will be huge from having it repaired at miracle body and paint, the best in San Antonio. Below we look at some tips that will help you choose the best body shop in your area.


Claiming to be a mere automotive repair shop is easy. To be a top-notch collision center, you need more than that. At any auto collision center that is competent, the quality of technicians should also have experience and knowledge of the industry. That is why at miracle body and paint, each of our technicians has at least 10 years of experience and is ASE certified. Always make sure the technicians in your collision center of choice are well trained and certified.

High-Quality Equipment and Parts

A skilled technician is essential, but they will not be able to do their best without the right equipment. A good body shop will have state of the art equipment. Additionally, they will always use factory OEM parts for all repairs. This is essential as sub-standard parts can lead to further damage or increase chances of failure. Aftermarket parts and outdated equipment are a red flag. AtΒ Miracle body and paint, other than using the best parts and equipment, we also offer a warranty with all our repairs. If your collision center does not, beware.


Nothing gives you more confidence that reviews. A surefire way of ensuring you get the best service is by listening to reviews. These can be a telling sign of a top-notch collision center. If the reviews are all bad, then stay away. Asking friends or family is a great way of learning about the service of a center you plan to visit. Further, you can search for reviews online and see what other customers had to say after their service.

Miracle Body and Paint has consistently ranked as the best collision center in San Antonio for years. We are the best at vehicle body repair and paint.