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How insurance companies force you to use certain repair shops
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Why Insurance companies are steering accident victims

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Automotive Insurance Steering

Contrary to popular belief, the law gives you as a car owner the right to choose where you take your vehicle for repairs. When an insurance company tries to steer you to their chosen collision centre, they are abusing your right. At miracle body and paint, we work with all insurance companies. However, we work in your best interest and not the interest of an insurance company.

Why Insurance Companies steer you to a DRP

A DRP is a “Direct Repair Program”. In other words, it is your insurance providers “preferred” or “recommended” body shop. Insurance companies will try to steer you to their DRP in a bid to cut repair costs. This is a way for them to increase their profit margins, albeit illegally and in no good faith. Most insurance companies contract a preferred shop that agrees to put a strict limitation on the repair budget. This leads to the repair shops compromising on the quality of parts and repairs. This affects your vehicles cosmetic appearance as well as safety.

For this reason, at miracle body and paint, we do not allow your insurance provider to dictate the parts we use. Instead, we take care of your car and deal with your insurer ourselves so you do not have to. On the other hand, when you go to a DRP, you settle for substandard parts, unprofessionally done paint job, and compromised repairs. Any time you are involved in a collision, choose your repair centre wisely. Keep in mind that shops that use cheap non-OEM parts get more referrals and are often the preferred shops for your insurer.

Moreover, you should know that your insurance would always try to undercut you. Contrary to what they might want you to believe, most insurance companies will try to make profits off you. Basic tactics they use to scare you from choosing your own collision centre include:

  • Claims taking longer to settle at other shops than the DRP’s
  • They claim not to work with particular shops
  • They claim not to be in a position to send an inspector to other shop’s than their preferred

In the end, if you want quality repairs, choose a shop you trust. If you are in San Antonio, miracle body and paint collision centre is your best bet.