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Collison Repair Estimates: What makes up the cost?

Have you had an auto collision or auto accident? Here at Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, we want you to understand what makes up the cost of a collision repair. We have put together an explanation that will help explain the steps and processes that take place so we can put your car on the road to repair quickly. The first step is to go to Miracle Body and Paint collision center and ask for an estimate. If you get more than one estimate from several repair shops remember that it is normal for the total cost to vary from one auto body repair shop to another depending on the damage they find from just looking at the exterior damage of your vehicle. In the end, no repair can be made unless the insurance company agrees and approves of the repair or replacement of a damaged area. It is therefore important for any car owner to be familiar with the different considerations when it comes to creating repair estimates.

A repair estimate is the price quotation from an auto body repair shop that lists the different components and expenses which will be done for a damaged car. Repair estimates are usually done by an insurance adjuster but car owners can opt to go to an independent auto body shop like Miracle Body and Paint so you can make a more informed decision.

Different factors affect the collision repair estimate’s final costing. This includes the labor cost, parts cost, materials cost, hidden damages and estimating software systems.

  • Labor cost – this could be mechanical, body repair or paint refinishing labor. Rates will depend on what type labor the damaged car needs as well as the specific auto body shop.
  • Parts cost – the type of parts the shop will use to repair your car will greatly affect the estimate’s cost. The auto body repair shop can either use new original equipment manufacturer (or OEM that is designed and produced by the manufacturer itself), recycled/refurbished OEM (renovated auto parts recovered from similar cars) or aftermarket products (new products built by a different company).
  • Materials cost – materials are typically charged per hour. It is also not unusual for material rates to vary between auto repair shops.
  • Hidden damages – these are damages that are not immediately visible but affect the car’s internal components.
  • Estimating software systems – there are many collision estimate software systems out there, such as Audatex, CCC, and Mitchell.

Miracle Body and Paint knows how hard it is for car owners to deal with an auto collision or auto accident. We have simplified our service to make the process easier for you. What makes our collision center different is that we provide you with a discount on your deductible based on a percentage of the repair. The higher the cost of the repair. The bigger your deductible discount is. Contact us to learn more!