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Choosing the Right Collision Center
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Must Do Checks for Older Cars

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Located in San Antonio, Texas and with over 30 years of experience as an auto body shop and collision center, here at Miracle Body & Paint, we have learned a few tips and tricks.

So, we are going to share our must do checks for older cars, doing these checks now can save you hundreds if not thousands down the road and improve our number one focus which is safety.

Don’t delay oil changes and check it often.

Check your oil regularly and get it changed often. This single check can save you a lot of money in the long run, unnecessary mechanical changes can be simply avoided with this single check alone. You should also make it a focus to not only check your oil but all fluids such as brake, transmission and radiator fluid.

Check and clean car battery.

Open the hood and check the battery also clean the contacts if required. Keep an eye out for any form of mineral buildup or leakage. If you notice buildup, best purchase a battery cleaning brush and scrub it off. As a general rule, car batteries should be changed every three to five years.

Check tire pressure, alignment, and balance.

Having your tires aligned when driving increases safety for yourself and others. If you are always fighting to keep your car going straight, it is an accident waiting to happen and something that can be easily avoided.

Check and replace windscreen wipers.

Windscreen wipers are often overlooked and are something usually changed once they have become extremely worn out. For something easily and inexpensive to change, it’s best to change them as soon as they become streaky. Maintaining high visibility is important for the safety of everyone around.

These four simple checks can add years onto an already aging car and provide improved safety for yourself, passengers, bystanders and other drivers.