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Common Car Parts that May Need to Be Repaired After an Auto Collision

As a car owner, collision repair is an integral part of your life, whether from an auto accident or when you buy a used car with minor damage. Now, following an accident, there are parts of your car that will absorb the greatest brunt of the collision, meaning that they should receive a meticulous inspection during the repair. As your favorite auto body repair shop, Miracle Body and Paint understand these components and has outlined the major ones below.


Hood damage ranks among the commonest outcomes of auto collisions, and the results are dents and dings to the bodywork. When your car’s trunk lid and hood suffer damage, you may be tempted to assume that the damage is only cosmetic and ignore it. Keep in mind that neglecting such damage can make your trunk or hood pop suddenly while on the move.


Fenders come in handy in protecting other cars and pedestrians from debris and dirt thrown by your vehicle. Just like bumpers, fenders usually absorb significant impact in an accident, especially side collisions.


After a side collision, the resulting impact comes with considerable door damage. Modern automobiles come with amazing and sophisticated safety features, including side airbags located within the doors. This means that an expert auto technician should check your doors to ensure that safety systems will deploy in case of a collision.


In most frontal accidents, the front bumper bears the greatest impact. Damage to your bumper varies from minor scratches to significant dents. Apart from collisions while at high speed, bumper damage can also occur courtesy of rogue shoppers with carts, unseen posts when parking, or backing into another parked car.


Following an accident, your car’s headlights usually get a hell of a beating, considering that they cover both sections of the front of your vehicle. If your headlights are broken or damaged even in the slightest way, you should get them fixed immediately. Failure to do this can place you and fellow motorists in danger, especially if they suddenly fail at night when you are speeding.

After being involved in an accident, you may decide that investing in auto repair is not essential, especially if the accident is not major. Although holding off on these repairs will save you some cash, down the road, it may cost you big time! If you need a proven auto collision repair service that has made a name for itself for professional and superior services, look no further than Miracle Body and Paint. Our resident technicians will expertly assess your car and give you informed feedback on the best course of action.