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Expensive DIY Dent Repair Mistakes

Nowadays, there are so many DIY tutorials online, all geared to save you some money. While DIY is a great idea for some tasks, car dent repair DIY is a definite no-no. Unless you possess in-depth and vast training, plus suitable qualifications, repairing your vehicle is an absolutely wrong move! As your caring auto collision repair partner, Miracle Body and Paint sheds some light on some mistakes resulting from DIY auto repair.

Not Following the Correct Order

One great rule when dealing with multiple dents on your vehicle is dealing with the most recent ones first. Say you were in a minor auto collision that led to numerous dents, it is advisable to deal with them according to the sequence of the damage. For instance, there can be a dent pointing towards the front of your door and additional dents towards the side of the car which occurred later.

After determining the sequence of the dents, handle them against the order of occurrence for an effective job. Now, without training and experience in auto dent repair, you’ll end up doing a shoddy job that’ll necessitate more expensive repairs.

Washing the Car’s Exterior Surface Incorrectly

Before the process of dent repair, you should prepare your car in the right way, including thoroughly washing its exterior surface. This ensures that the soap deals with all the debris and dirt. Why is this process very crucial? Well, if any dirt, grease, or wax is left on the car’s surface, then the result would be an inferior and mediocre dent repair job. In worst-case scenarios, the outcome is damaged paint which will mean expensive additional repainting work.                                                                  

Imitating the Pros

While there are various techniques and processes of dent repair, most of them require cutting-edge tools and equipment and specialized knowledge, and to be fair; most DIY enthusiasts don’t have these. Case in point, only experienced professionals can pull off an exceptional paintless dent repair job without breaking a sweat. As simple as the process might seem, only a pro can guarantee superior five-star results. Also, if you insist on DIY paintless dent repair, you’ll have to spend a pretty penny on special equipment, and you will end up paying more than simply depending on the first-class services of the experts at Miracle Body and Paint. Lastly, limited knowledge about the process will put your vehicle at risk of significant damage that only a certified auto body shop can remedy.

Professional Dent Repair Courtesy of Miracle Body and Paint

Compared to DIY dent repair, retaining the services of a professional auto body shop like Miracle Body and Paint has distinct advantages. While it may take slightly longer, the outcome will put a smile on your face and give you value for your money. Keep in mind that the cheap nature of DIY kits notwithstanding can cause far-reaching issues if done in the wrong way. Talk to the experienced and qualified auto technicians at Miracle Body and Paint for services that are a cut above the rest. We will save you from the stress and hassle that comes from using unproven dent repair methods.