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Common Undercarriage Damage We Often Miss

As far as vehicle undercarriage damage goes, there is a lot that car owners ignore. The reason for this ignorance is because we spend lots of time and money to take care of the easily visible sections of our vehicles but usually turn a blind eye to the undercarriage section which deserves similar care and maintenance.

Your ever-helpful auto collision repair center, Miracle Body and Paint has put together some common undercarriage damages that we often ignore.

Damage from Salt

Salt is mostly used in states that get severe winter conditions. It’s poured on the roads to thaw the ice and snow and give motorists a much safer and easier driving experience. The greatest disadvantage is that the salt will wreak havoc on your vehicle’s undercarriage.

 If not eliminated as a matter of urgency, over time this salt can lead to corrosion. This is because salt is naturally abrasive and will accelerate the buildup of rust on your undercarriage.

To avoid this, it is advisable to apply a sealant to the undercarriage of your car if you frequently drive on salted roads.

Deteriorated Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers that have seen better days can devastate a car’s undercarriage. In case your shock absorbers have deteriorated, your vehicle will experience excessive jolts.

This could lead to loose components situated on the undercarriage of the vehicle like the exhaust system brackets being detached.

Damage from Mud

Cars in areas where mud is ever present on roads will subsequently experience devastation to the undercarriage. If mud dries onto the undercarriage of your car and you fail to clear it off before long, the moisture will cause accumulation of rust.

This rust can ruin the radiator and puncture your system and that’ll call for expensive repair work. Like salt, a protective sealant should be applied to safeguard the underside of your car.

Rocks or Debris on Roads

Traveling over debris, rocks, and parts of rubber tires can harm your car’s undercarriage causing it to develop holes and dents. If this occurs, it could lead to holes in your oil pan and the muffler could be ripped off from the undercarriage.

To be on the safe side, it is important to contact the most accomplished auto body repair experts, Miracle Body and Paint. We have extensive knowledge and skills and we will inspect the undercarriage of your vehicle for damage. We will go one step further and apply a sealant to the undercarriage to safeguard your vehicle. Call us now for an undercarriage evaluation!