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Do You Understand Your Rights as a Car Repair Consumer?

There is particular information that car owners must have when visiting an auto body repair shop. Although many folks take their cars to the repair experts, there is still a lot that they are unaware of regarding what to expect. In case you have been in a car accident or you just need auto maintenance services, it pays to understand your rights as the client.

Miracle Body and Paint, your ultimate auto collision repair center guarantees that these rights will assist you in ensuring that vehicle is repaired appropriately, safely, promptly, and within your set budget.

You Have the Freedom To Select Your Own Auto Repair Shop

Usually, in case your car is involved in an accident, you can freely pick the auto repair shop you prefer to handle the repairs. Inquire from your buddies, have a quick internet search, and check out online reviews on websites. You can consult your insurance company for options but in case they tell you that you have limited alternatives, don’t follow the advice.

This is known as steering and it is unlawful in most states.

You Have the Right To Pick Your Repair Parts

In case parts of the vehicle have to be replaced, you have the power to decide what kind of parts to use! Basically, you can select from three kinds of auto parts: recycled, OEM, and non-OEM. However, with regard to your insurance policy, only some categories of car parts may be considered.

Each type of auto part has unique uses and costs therefore if you’re unsure, ask your repair technicians or conduct some research. In lots of states, in case an auto body shop will utilize anything else other than OEM spares, they have to notify the client. You can be proactive and ask your repair experts before they start the repairs.

You Have the Right to a Safely and Correctly Repaired Car

When you visit an auto body shop, you will part with some cash and you deserve proper auto repair services. In addition, when the experts are done with your vehicle, you expect it to be in the same tip-top condition it was before, if not better. Do not shy away from asking questions to ensure that you understand the way the vehicle is being repaired, the area being repaired, the replacement parts, and the expected results.

Talk to Miracle Body and Paint

The very first phase in successful auto collision repair services is being aware of your rights. At Miracle Body and Paint, we understand all the intricacies of auto body repair. We have served hundreds of clients and we promise to always be the collision center of choice in the area.